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Florida Notaries may charge for the following NOTARIAL ACTS 

Oaths/Affirmations – $5.00 (each seal)
Vehicle Identification Number – $5.00
Protests – $5.00
Certifying Contents of a Safe-Deposit Box – $10.00
Acknowledgment – $5.00 (each seal)
Attesting to a Photocopy – $5.00 (per copy)
To Solemnize a Marriage (Perform a Marriage Ceremony) – $30.00

(According to the American Society of Notaries‘ website & FL Laws Related to Solemnizing Marriage)



Each signature notarized is a notarial act; each page that you need to notarize is also a notarial act. Example, if two people appear before you, the Notary, and sign a document with one page and you take their acknowledgments, fee is $10.00. If the document has two pages and there are two people signing it, fee is $20.00 ($5.00 per signature in each page)